The 2021 Insurance Insights Report

Check out the latest eBook by Claritas covering U.S. market insights for the insurance industry. The insurance industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly revenue in the U.S. That said, it is still a very competitive market, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To stand out and address the needs of consumers while anticipating their wants, starts with knowing more about them.

The 2021 Insurance Insights Report identifies opportunities for insurance providers, including audience characteristics that may impact or support strategic activities. In addition to actionable tips, we also provide multicultural specific data, so you can connect with fast-growing consumer segments. This report represents a sample of the data Claritas has available to drive more effective, privacy-safe, regulatory compliant marketing.

Expect to uncover facts about the following:

– Auto insurance behaviors, preferences, and attitudes
– Medical insurance usage and providers
– Number of life insurance policies and types of policies held
– Reasons why some consumer groups do not carry life insurance policies
– General attitudes about insurance

To learn more about U.S. market insights for the insurance industry, contact your Claritas Representative and ask about Claritas Insurance Track, the basis for the insights in this report.

About Claritas Insurance Track

Insurance marketers are facing increased competition, rising customer acquisition costs, and shrinking margins. Overcoming these challenges requires the use of market intelligence with unique insurance purchasing behavior you can’t find anywhere else. Claritas Insurance Track samples approximately 35,000 households to find purchase behaviors across multiple lines of insurance products. These include auto, residential, life, and medical insurance. The data can be used, in part, to analyze category benchmarks, assess competition, and profile policyholders using key attributes. Claritas Insurance Track is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive respondent-level research data of household insurance product usage.

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