Large Auto Manufacturer

More Efficient Performance for CTV Campaigns


One of the industry’s largest automotive manufacturers worked with Claritas to drive more efficient engagement with their website and shopping tools. A primary objective was to also understand how Claritas-developed audiences compared to In-market audiences. ​


The client worked with Claritas to identify the key demographics and behaviors of in-market auto consumers to create target audience groups​. The target groups included detailed segment descriptions and thousands of data points describing buyers, which resulted in them being 2x more efficient at predicting buyers of the brand. ​

Next, we executed a 14MM impression CTV ad campaign and compared the performance benefit of Claritas Audiences to In-Market Audiences.​ As part of this campaign, :15 and :30-second-long CTV ad placements were delivered via: ​

•  Pubmatic​

•  Roku

•  Samba TV​

•  Samsung​

•  And more

Finally, we tracked and measured the impact of the campaign using industry-leading attribution and incremental lift methodologies.​ The analysis showed the Claritas audiences outperformed In-Market audiences across all tracked events.​

Claritas Audiences vs. In-Market Audiences
+10% overall lift for CTV campaigns
3X lift in site visits
3X lift in shopping tool usage
3X lift in visits to model pages

Claritas excels at creating high-performing, custom audiences that address the unique needs of businesses, then activating them in-market in near-real time, for increased precision.

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