Major Government Entity

Major Government Entity Leverages Claritas Data To Fight COVID-19


Through our work with the COVID Alliance, Claritas was introduced to a major government entity tasked with promoting health and safety messaging about COVID-19, on a national level. One of their biggest challenges was identifying who to send what messaging to. This included educating the public on the virus, recommending proper wellness practices, and more.


Working alongside five agencies, Claritas identified the best target audiences to reach during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Relevant messaging was developed based on where in the “lifecycle” the strains were at any given time, along with specific health recommendations and federal mandates.

First, we leveraged Claritas PRIZM® Premier, Claritas Hispanicity™, and Claritas Asianicity™ data to create custom audiences for the campaign. Then we onboarded those audiences onto various platforms for the government’s agencies to push messaging out through. The agencies ultimately used twelve social and programmatic (display) platforms to reach the target audiences Claritas identified.

Meanwhile, to ensure the right audiences were being reached at the right time and with the right messaging, a Claritas tag was implemented. It tracked campaign engagement and ultimately, effectiveness. Through the lens of segmentation and Claritas’ original research, we were able to optimize the campaigns in-flight. We did this by recommending which platforms to shift ad dollars to for the best return.

The government renewed their contracted work with Claritas twice and as a result, we became an integral partner in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.


Identified target audiences for multichannel campaigns

Optimized campaigns to ensure they reached their goals


In March of 2020, the White House put out a tweet looking for AI experts and members of the global tech community who could help scientists analyze over 29,000 scholarly articles on coronavirus.

Claritas answered the call, and our data was leveraged for the COVID Alliance, whose mission was to identify the most vulnerable members of society so they could be prioritized with care and safety measures during the pandemic.

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