Kroger Grocery

Kroger Uses AI Personalization in Awareness Campaign


Kroger Grocery was looking for an effective way to build awareness around a particular piece of their business: fresh produce.


Kroger found the answer they were looking for through the use of Claritas’ AI Personalization which allowed them to get the right message to the right people. As part of the campaign, template, image and headlines were all tested and optimized to measure multiple KPI’s including

• Website visits

• Click throughs

• Transactions

• Total revenue

Claritas’ AI Personalization brings together two dynamic elements that influence a consumer’s response: message and context. The message is delivered within a certain context, whether it is a place, a day, a time, a website, or a device. Engagement is defined simply by the number of conversions – that is people that complete a desired action. AI observes different combinations of messages and contexts, and their conversion rates. It then learns what underlying factors lead to higher conversion rates to predict other successful combinations. The AI predicts which message in combination with which context will most likely result in engagement, an approach that does not require personally identifiable information (PII).

AI-assisted content creation yields hundreds or thousands of different creative versions, generated by a combination of humans and AI. The role of AI is to learn which combinations of message elements work best for different audiences in different contexts, and to automatically apply this understanding to optimize and increase engagement rates.


259% increase in ecommerce page visits

42% increase in click throughs

17% increase in transactions

16% increase in total revenue


                        24 Combinations in This Ad Size


Increase conversions and grow your business leveraging AI Personalization to identify who your ideal audience is and how to engage them across all online and offline channels more effectively.

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