MoneyGram Expands Their Multicultural Growth Strategy


MoneyGram International is one of the world’s leading money transfer companies, with a global network. In an effort to expand their multicultural growth strategy, they came to Claritas. Due to their reach, they faced a unique challenge – they must understand the nuances of customers from hundreds of different cultures, mapped and projected with a hyper-local degree of intelligence.​


To understand the demographic complexity around its locations and key markets, MoneyGram’s team historically – and manually – compiled a wide variety of data points individually from sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, and cross referenced those figures with their own proprietary data to have a clearer picture into the variety of ethnic population concentrations and potential business opportunities. The end result was a time consuming, inefficient way to market to very granular multicultural audience segments.​

Claritas introduced them to Claritas GIS – to project relevant insights on MoneyGram’s highly diverse customer base. GIS provides robust multicultural, lifestyle, media, and economic data within a dynamic mapping analytics platform. We helped them uncover and reach the right customers by focusing on identifying new sales opportunities faster and more efficiently. Additionally, we helped them increase sales volumes in targeted stores. That led to improved operational efficiencies by allocating sales and marketing resources where they would make the biggest impact.


Full picture​ of cultural, linguistic,​ and ethnic nuances

Sales enablement​ targeting the right​ opportunities


Claritas GIS is an easy-to-use, online SaaS system designed to enrich your customer records with cultural, geographic, demographic, economic, life stage, and lifestyle indicator appends. ​

From the VP of Marketing at MoneyGram:​

“The entire U.S. multicultural marketing opportunity is an ever-changing world, and that’s the world that we deal with. We don’t just talk about reaching Hispanics or Latinos – we talk about reaching people from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and Venezuela. Our ability to understand those nuances greatly impacts the success of our business.”​

“Marketers today need to use the information generated by quantitative tools. Claritas has had an immediate impact, and the longer we’re using it, the greater our return on investment becomes.”​

“When we looked at tools that claimed to have similar projections, we found that those figures were actually using Claritas as a reference.“​

“Our philosophy is to make every nickel work like a dollar. Claritas helps us save money on targeting so we can spend it somewhere else.”

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