Hearing Aid Retailer

Retailer identifies new prospects through multichannel touchpoints


A retailer selling hearing aids wanted to launch a campaign for customer acquisition. Historically they relied on direct mail but were wanting to develop a multichannel approach to supplement direct mail efforts with email campaigns. Because the retailer did not have email addresses for many prospects, they found Claritas to be the perfect partner.


One million direct mail pieces were mailed on a monthly basis to a customer file. Using this same file, Claritas appended email addresses at a household level using the Claritas Identity Graph and sent emails to 300K-400K people a month. There were 3 emails per direct mail delivery, and Claritas tested out three different subject lines and copy for each email:

– Pre-Postal: Hear the sounds of spring
– Week Of: Save big on our latest technology
– Post-Postal: Get big savings throughout March

Hearing Aid Retailer Results Table


30-33% increase in sales within 2 months

31-41% click-to-open rate


To maximize conversions in today’s age, companies need to reach consumers through multiple touchpoints and optimize by channel.

With hearing aids specifically, it is important not to just target the individual, but the household. Sometimes the child of the person who needs aids, or the spouse, will be the one to purchase, so hearing aid companies need to focus on people with older parents too. The retailer knew they wanted to branch out from direct mail to email, so they worked with Claritas to maximize the effectiveness of Email as a channel.

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