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The Seattle Times

Insights Tell A Story That Leads To Increased Sales


The Seattle Times is a Pulitzer Prize winning news media company founded in 1896. With a reach of 1.8 million, they act as a full-service marketing agency for their clients. Using Claritas PRIZM® Premier, they regularly perform segmentation analyses on their clients’ customer files to help them identify the highest opportunity audiences for their marketing efforts, including the best channels to deliver their messaging.


The Seattle Times is a long standing Claritas client that accesses PRIZM Premier through the self-service consumer insights platform, Claritas 360. One of their clients, a donation driven company, was looking to increase their highest-level donor base. After determining which segments to target, The Seattle Times ran a two-week banner ad campaign that helped the company increase their new donors by 10%, at a donation level of $100,000 or more.

Additionally, they performed a segmentation analysis on a high-end jewelry store’s CRM. They recommended the jewelry store up their ad spend but target more qualified buyers, instead of their typical mass marketing efforts. After a year of campaigns, the jewelry store raised their ad budget by half, after measuring a 50% monthly increase in sales over the previous year.

The Seattle Times continues to drive success for clients and looks forward to new innovations in targeting methods to increase their effectiveness.


10% new donors at the $100,000 level for a donation driven company

50% increase in monthly sales for jewelry store, over prior year


PRIZM Premier is the industry’s most widely adopted segmentation solution. It provides rich insights into every U.S. household, including their demographics, lifestyle and media preferences, shopping behaviors and technology use.

Claritas 360 is a web-based platform used to analyze customer and market potential, helping marketers know more about their ideal audiences and the geographies they live in.

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