Claritas + AI

Claritas: Unleash
the Power of AI for
Marketing Success

Integrate cutting-edge AI technology with our robust data solutions to drive personalized customer experiences and 
achieve breakthrough results.

For almost five decades, Claritas has been a trailblazer in understanding the American consumer. Leveraging a distinctive Identity Graph, the company has evolved into a marketing powerhouse. The integration of patented and advanced AI technology into the company’s current infrastructure and machine learning methodologies enhances the accuracy, speed, ease of use and scale of the Claritas solutions that help marketers Identify the right audiences, Deliver more effective multichannel campaigns and accurately measure the impact of those campaigns to Optimize and drive better ROI.

Benefits of Claritas + AI

  • 20% Boost in customer engagement
  • 15% Increase in conversion rates
  • 10% Reduced marketing spend
  • Up to 259% increase in conversions through creative optimization
  • 15% Increase in email open rates, 10% increase in CTR rates
  • 12% Increase in targeted ad impressions delivered to in-market consumers
  • 10% Increase in brand awareness
  • 8% Increase in website traffic

Introducing CLAIR

Clair, the beating heart of our company, is a revolutionary AI engine, much more than just lines of code. She’s our patented, ever-evolving brain, tirelessly analyzing mountains of data to unveil the intricate tapestry of the American consumer. Her insights fuel our powerful solutions, empowering marketers to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of human desire and engagement. Beyond data crunching, Clair extends a helping hand – as an AI-powered chatbot, she’s your personal guide, ready to answer any question about the American consumer and whisper insightful strategies for effective engagement. Through Clair, we bridge the gap between the cold science of data and the warm reality of human connection, helping your marketing soar to new heights.


The Claritas AI Advantages

Claritas isn’t just AI for marketing, it’s a marketing revolution. Our powerful AI goes beyond data crunching – it delivers hyper-personalized experiences. Every message, every channel, every touchpoint is laser-focused in real-time to ignite engagement and boost ROI. It’s a symphony of personalization, where data dances with intelligence to deliver experiences so relevant, they feel tailor-made for each individual. Welcome to the Claritas Advantage.

Hyper-personalized experiences

AI optimizes audience selection, message content, and format across every digital channel in real-time, resulting in highly relevant and impactful customer experiences.

Deep consumer insights

PRIZM AI agents, virtual representations of your ideal customer, offer interactive conversations to unlock hidden motivations and guide marketing strategies.

24/7 optimization

The AI engine works tirelessly, adjusting campaigns on the fly for maximum ROI and ensuring every touchpoint resonates with the right audience.

Explainable AI

Gain transparency into the AI's decision-making, building trust and allowing for informed campaign fine-tuning.

Custom segmentation

Leverage pre-built models or craft bespoke segments using AI, ensuring campaigns target the most relevant audiences.

Optimum media mix

AI balances audience targeting, message personalization, and channel selection to deliver the most effective campaign mix for your goals.

Next-Gen Identity Graph

Leveraging AI and data governance, the new Claritas Identity Graph breaks silos to deliver powerful cross-channel marketing while protecting consumer privacy.

Human Expertise + AI Power

Clarias combines advanced AI with the industry’s leading experts to deliver the future of marketing – more innovative, efficient, and flawless.


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