Census 2020 – What’s Next?

The 2020 Census marked the 24th census in U.S. history, but now that the data collection is done, what happens next? We released a blog last year that we hoped would turn into a series leading up to this podcast episode, but as you’ll hear, the pandemic had other plans.

This month on The Marketing Insider, we’ve invited not one, but two experts from Claritas on. Listen as we spend 30-minutes with Eliza Albert, Sr. Product Strategy Manager, and Ken Hodges, Data Science Consultant. They manage to provide answers to (almost) all of your census and demographic questions, in this highly anticipated episode. They also walked away with even more questions that they look forward to getting answered as new data becomes available.

Ken dives into how differential privacy is playing out in real time. He also explains how the average American has the power to provide input into future census surveys. Eliza discusses using analyzed census data to make strategic business decisions and gives examples for why marketers should care. Finally, they both provide tips for making the most out of your investments when working with census data providers.

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