Dispelling Senior Population Myths

At this point, most of us know it’s important to be responsible marketers when it comes to reaching consumers. After Summer 2020’s events, brands began to look at where they need to do better, especially with multicultural consumer markets. But, there’s another consumer group that long plagued with exaggerated, stereotypical, and occasionally offensive marketing – the senior population. In fact, estimates say only 5-10% of advertiser budgets are dedicated to reach them. This is all despite the fact that they account for more than half of the consumer spend in the U.S.

On this episode of The Marketing Insider, we are joined by Claritas Account Director, Kyle Pechak, and Rain the Growth Agency Senior Research Director, Ryan D’Ambrosio. They explain why brands need to pivot their strategy in favor of the 55+ population, what they can do to connect with them online and offline, and dispel myths that have unfairly followed these high-value consumers for years.

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