Identity Resolution: The Multibillion Dollar Industry

We are back with a brand new season of The Marketing Insider. This month, we’re diving back into the ever changing world of identity resolution. What more can we say about this topic that we haven’t already covered? A lot! Frequent guest of the podcast, Claritas’ own CTO, Al Gadbut, joins us for the first in our newly shortened 20-minute episodes, Identity Resolution: The Multibillion Dollar Industry.

Al talks about the continued evolution of identity graphs and how they should fit in your marketing strategy. He also gives an update on where we’re at with establishing a gold standard for this technology. Spoiler alert, there are no rules. Listeners will also hear the latest in consumer data privacy regulations. We can tell you, things have already changed in just six months’ time. With a Winterberry Group forecast reporting that U.S. marketers are expected to have spent $2.6 billion on identity resolution programs by this year – a 188% cumulative increase over four years – this is one episode you’ll definitely want to tune in to. Once you finish listening, read the Beyond the Episode blog for even more conversation.

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