Let’s Be “Upfront” About TV Advertising: How to get the most out of TV ad campaigns

The “Upfronts” already passed for Fall’s lineup, but advertisers are already looking towards their next round of TV ad campaigns. This is for good reason. TV advertising revenue in the U.S. is projected to reach nearly $77 billion this year! Securing ad space is important, but it’s equally important to make sure you’re reaching the right audience on the right (literal) channels, with the right messaging.

This month on The Marketing Insider, we’re joined by Claritas VP of Measurement and Attribution, Jennifer Choromanski. She’s an expert on a central player in the TV game – CTV. Jennifer breaks down the common terminology you hear in the industry, where CTV fits in an advertiser’s strategy, how to measure the effectiveness of CTV ad campaigns, and how the demise of cookies effects this industry. We also welcome Shelley Stansfield, Founder of Centriply, a pure demand-side targeted TV platform for advertisers. Shelley shares what we can expect from the future of the TV media landscape, how network cable marketing opportunities differ from CTV, and how a retargeting campaign works in the TV landscape. Once you finish listening to the episode, check out the work Centriply and Claritas are doing together, here.

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