The Privacy Landscape

This month on the podcast, we’re joined by two repeat guests – Al Gadbut, CTO at Claritas, and Ben Isaacson, Principal at In-House Privacy, an on-demand privacy counsel and consulting firm. The two joined us for an extra long discussion – 40 minutes! – on how the consumer privacy landscape has evolved since our last podcast on the subject, and what marketers can expect in the future. Listen to the episode to hear Al and Ben answer questions like the following, and more:

– What impact did last year’s legislation have on the market and which states have new laws expected to go into effect this year?
– As a provider who works with PII and non-PII (personally identifiable information), what steps do we take to keep sensitive data secure?
– How is AI currently regulated in the U.S., with regards to consumer data and where do we expect to see changes in the future that may restrict how AI is used?
– When thinking about global expansion for your business, what consumer privacy laws and considerations do you need to be aware of and adhere to?

Are you ready to know more?