The Travel and Hospitality Industry

Spring is in the air, Americans are getting the itch to travel, and the travel and hospitality industry is ready to welcome them back in full force. This month on The Marketing Insider, we hear from VP of Sales at Claritas, Robbin Allen, who shares the data behind the hardship this industry has faced since the beginning of the pandemic and what the 2022 outlook shows marketers will need to focus on to ensure they’re ready and able to re-invite previously hesitant travelers back into the mix.

We also have Hannah DeMaio of the Women Leading Travel and Hospitality network on to share an insider perspective for how her role as VP of Brand Strategy has become a critical lifeline of data insights for the executives she and the organization provide networking opportunities for.

Listen to this episode to hear details on the campaigns the top travel companies are delivering to their customers, the hard truth about what it takes to be successful in a very competitive industry, why prioritizing personal wellness has become a top priority, and how this community has carved out unique opportunities to collaborate and make sure there’s room for everyone to win.

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