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Designed for the technology and telecommunications industry, ConneXions is proprietary segmentation that helps you know more about the technology behaviors of today’s connected consumers and predict adoption rates for all major technology categories.

Whether you’re a communications service provider, consumer durables manufacturer or other company focused on technology adoption, ConneXions, with its custom market research reports, is an invaluable tool for you. It helps predict adoption rates for all major technology categories based on video, voice, and data service purchasing preferences, including smart technologies.

The segments are divided into 10 Lifestage groups, and unique data points include:

  • Income (7 groups)
  • Tenure (5 groups)
  • Age Class (4 groups)
  • Education (4 groups)
  • Household Composition (5 groups)
  • Employment (5 groups)
  • Urbanicity (8 groups)
  • Technology Use (4 groups)
  • Tech Behaviors including device type, carrier name, and usage
  • Media Behaviors including how they watch, listen and read

Each segment summarizes these complex profiles in a way that is intuitive, easy to communicate, and easy to activate on both online and offline channels, and will will help predict demand for and use of your products and services, including in the communications industry.

What can ConneXions do for marketers?

Know more about existing customers

Use ConneXions to understand your customers’ technology behaviors. See who is likely to be an early adopter, switch carriers frequently, or use smart technologies in their home. Know how they consume media and on what device. Predict what products or services they’ll need in the future.

Find new customers in a privacy safe manner

ConneXions is a privacy-compliant solution that helps you understand demand for products and services by market and find new customers.

Identify gaps in the market

ConneXions gives you the power to understand your customers and your competitor’s customers to identify unmet needs. Device and carrier preference data can be used to uncover new opportunities for switching providers or adopting new smart technologies.

Develop more personalized messaging

By creating a more complete picture of current customers and prospects, ConneXions opens the door to more personalized messaging based on a segment’s specific needs.

Methodology: The Forefront of Innovation in Segmentation

Our industry-leading segmentations are built from the household level up using a patented method of data science. This method culls over 10,000 variables to predict consumer behavior with greater precision. The unprecedented quality, depth and breadth of the data behind our segments comes from our own data collection as well as our linkages to leading surveys and panels. We are the only company that is coded into Nielsen survey panel for TV ratings so we can run TV ratings against our segmentation for optimized TV and radio buys.

How We Can Work Together


Identify consumer segments more or less likely to engage in a behavior


Add codes to your customer or prospect databases


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Activate your segmentation with Claritas marketing services

We can quickly deliver your audiences to our vast network of channel and platform partners, so you and your agency can execute your campaign on your own. Or let us do it for you.
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