Identity Graph 2.0 | A Claritas Fireside Chat

The Claritas Identity Graph powers a full suite of solutions to help marketers maximize their efforts across the entire marketing spectrum. As the industry evolves, so too does our Identity Graph. In this 20-minute fireside chat, we sit down with Luciana Lazaro, VP of Product Leadership, as she explains how our investments over the last year and a half have improved our Identity Graph’s accuracy, scale, and privacy compliance. She also explains why this was important to our business and what those enhancements mean for marketers who leverage the intelligence of our Identity Graph.

The Claritas Identity Graph 2.0 delivers a whole new set of capabilities to clients, like:
– Data enhancements that allow Claritas to link twice as many residential IP addresses to households at the ZIP11 level, leading to increased scale and match rates
– New methodology leveraging AI capabilities to improve the accuracy of consumer identifier assignments
– A reduction in the dependence of identifiers such as cookies and device data
– The integration of the Universal ID from TradeDesk (UID 2.0), which makes data sharing easier, while still maintaining consumer PII data privacy compliance

In this 20-minute conversation, you’ll learn:

– Why identity resolution still presents a challenging concept for marketers to master
– The implications of not having accurate data, and how we as an industry can solve this issue
– What increasing reach and accuracy of cross-device and offline to online identity linkage means and why it’s important to marketers
– How investments in solutions pay off for marketers and the effect that has on the efficacy of their go-to-market strategies
– The ways in which we changed our Identity Graph

If you missed part one of this conversation, which focuses on enhancements we’ve made to our attribution process, you can watch that, here.

Once you finish watching this video, visit our Identity Graph page to learn even more.

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