Unlocking the Secrets of Health & Wellness Retail Consumers:

Demographics, Preferences and Behaviors Revealed!

To ensure long-term success with the thriving health & wellness retail consumers, brands must adapt new strategies, harness innovative technology, and understand diverse consumer demographics, preferences and behaviors. Using Claritas’ PRIZM® Premier segmentation, you’ll know what consumers prioritize, where they shop, and why they buy.

Explore our latest infographic to uncover valuable details about their demographics, health and wellness preferences, shopping habits, priorities, media consumption behaviors and favorite marketing channels. Learn how creating cohesive groups based on important demographic and behavioral insights can give you the ability to not only effectively target the right consumers, but do it on a larger scale to maximize your impact and reach.

In this Infographic, you’ll gain insights into:

– What products do the top health and wellness consumers prioritize.
– What specific devices and channels this segment uses so you can more effectively engage them where it matters most.
– and finally, how do they shop in-store vs. online and what channels should you be using to create a seamless multichannel experience.

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