Mortgage Loans: Bouncing Back

Demand for home loans in 2020 and 2021 was boosted in part by record breaking low rates, but now that rates are rising and analysts go back and forth on whether we’re headed for another recession, financial marketers need more reliable data on which consumers really are in the market for mortgage loans. That begs the question, are mortgage loans bouncing back?

In our new banking infographic, we examine the mortgage loan behaviors of households in the Charlotte, St. Louis, and Portland DMAs via Claritas P$YCLE® Premier, segmentation built for financial marketers. Want to know more about the household behaviors in your footprint of service? We can analyze any U.S. geography, down to the block group level. Visit for more details.

What do we showcase in this infographic?

– Consumer segments that are loyal to their mortgage institution vs. at risk for switching
– Stats around home prices and property value
– Why certain consumer segments initially chose their mortgage loan lender
– Pro tips on how to turn our data into action
– Additional ways Claritas can help your financial institution succeed
– Links to resources where you can glean information on consumer banking behaviors for free!

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