The Metaverse: How The Future Of Digital Marketing Is Being Reshaped

The metaverse is a digital world where consumers work, play, shop, and more. It’s also seen as the potential future of digital advertising. 71% of executives think the metaverse will have at least some positive impact on their organization. Not just that, but 13% expect it to entirely redefine their industry and 28% say it will enable new business practices, helping them reach new customers.

Claritas has identified more than 18.8 million households containing “metaverse enthusiasts.” These fast-growing consumer groups embrace emerging virtual and augmented reality worlds and offer new opportunities for metaverse marketing. In fact, millions of older professionals – not just young gamers – consider themselves enthusiasts. Some even boast incomes as high as $232,777!

Download our infographic to view the metaverse facts and figures you need to know.

– Learn who thinks the metaverse will because as popular as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
– Find out how much money companies are pouring into accelerating the metaverse’s long-term vision
– See how many people currently engage in metaverse activities, and how that will change over time
– Understand the demographics and lifestyle behaviors of some Claritas PRIZM® Premier segments identified as metaverse enthusiasts

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