What is Campaign Attribution?

A holistic view of how ALL of your campaign channels are impacting conversions starts with attribution. But what is attribution and why is it important?

In today’s world where consumers use multiple devices in and out of the home, properly attributing media exposures online and offline to consumer actions is critical to measuring ad response. Optimizing your campaign strategies starts with understanding how your online and offline campaigns are impacting conversions. That’s where attribution comes in. Find out more about what attribution is and why it’s important for marketers in a video series called “All Things Measurement”. Claritas enables you to track ad exposures across, not just one, but multiple digital channels within a single campaign. Digital tracking is available for: Podcasts, streaming audio, video, connected TV, and digital banners. Offline tracking of impressions and conversions is also available for OOH, direct mail, and more. Watch the video below to know more!

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