The 2022 U.S. Hispanic Market Report

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, and continuing our ongoing commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive insights into multicultural audiences, Claritas is proud to release our 2022 Hispanic Market Report. In this report, we provide unique data, analytics and actionable industry insights that will help you effectively engage the fast-growing Hispanic population, now and into the near future.

With a projected population over 66.5MM in 2023 and a Consumer Buying Power exceeding $2T, Hispanic Americans will represent over 20% of the total U.S. population and will become 22% of our nation’s population over the next 5 years. In light of this, Hispanics have become a critical growth driver of the U.S. economy, making this segment a viable engine for post-pandemic growth. If you’re looking to more precisely define and target the Hispanic consumer market online and offline in the sectors where they have proven to move markets, then this report is for you!

In this report, we’ll cover

– Population Growth
– Cultural Demographics
– Consumer Spending
– Technology Behaviors
– Banking Behaviors
– Insurance Behaviors

The figures found in the report have been recently updated to reflect the latest U.S. population data and the U.S. Census Bureau’s decennial Undercount and Overcount report for the 2020 Census. After the updated U.S. Census data became available in May 2022, Claritas demographers went to work adjusting their estimates and projections to reflect the significant undercount of multicultural groups in many states. Consequently, the Claritas 2023 update shows higher growth in multicultural population segments than any in recent memory

Interested in specific insights not covered in this report but critical to your marketing success? With Claritas’ unprecedented data on multicultural audiences, we can provide you a 360-degree view of America’s fastest growing populations with more granular insights than anyone in the industry, including how and where to engage them with multichannel campaigns. Learn more here.

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