Insights into The Behaviors and Channel Preferences of Top Grocery Spenders

The world of grocery shopping is booming in today’s ever-changing retail world. To make sure brands succeed for the long haul, they need to come up with new approaches, make use of cutting-edge technology, and really understand the different kinds of shoppers out there – what they like, how they act, and where they prefer to shop. By using Claritas’ PRIZM® Premier, you’ll get the lowdown on what matters most to consumers, their shopping habits, and the reasons behind their purchases.

Take a look at our newest infographic to discover some really useful insights about these shoppers – things like who they are, what they’re into, what matters most to them, how they spend their time, and where they like to see ads. You’ll learn that by grouping people together based on things like age, habits, and interests, you can not only target the right customers with precision but also do it on a big scale, making sure your message gets to as many of the right people as possible.

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