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Multicultural audiences offer a significant opportunity for growth, but engaging them has its own challenges. Our industry-leading CultureCode solves them. It gives marketers an edge by providing an unprecedented level of insight into over 245 multicultural audience groups.

The multicultural market is the new American mainstream. Engaging with this market effectively and productively requires knowing more about their likes, dislikes, preferences, behaviors, cultural attitudes, spending habits and more.

CultureCode divides the multicultural market into two major segmentations. Hispanicity provides insight into the vast Hispanic/Latino-American consumer. Asianicity addresses the fast-growing Asian-American market. Each major segmentation is further distilled by:

  • Country of Origin
  • Education
  • Language Preference
  • Population
  • Acculturation/Assimilation

Behavioral and Purchase Behaviors

CultureCode deepens and enriches the picture of each multicultural audience by refining with additional demographic economic, behavioral, and attitudinal attributes, such as:

  • Life Stage
  • Shopping Behavior
  • Socio-economic Status
  • Lifestyles
  • Spending Potential
  • Psychographics

For marketers, the result of CultureCode’s data-rich insight is smarter targeting, smarter planning and smarter buying to help build brands and improve ROI.

What can CultureCode do for marketers?

Understand more about existing multicultural customers

How you engage with a multicultural consumer and in what language depends on each person’s degree of assimilation. By segmenting with CultureCode you’ll increase engagement, loyalty, and results by communicating in a culturally sensitive way.

Expand your reach and find new multicultural customers

Determine the best multicultural prospects with the most long-term potential. Analyze growth across product categories, then create messaging that resonates based on how much they identify with their country of origin.

Deepen your CRM and strengthen your multicultural marketing

Append CultureCode segments to your consumer and business lists and develop targeted direct marketing via post and email, as well as digital campaigns to your best prospect’s favorite channels.

Shape Smarter Plans with CultureCode

CultureCode provides brands with a versatile tool to achieve success with multicultural audiences. The insights it provides have been invaluable for many projects, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales potential & forecasting
  • Market potential assessment
  • Consumer segmentation & targeting
  • Database mining & modeling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Retail site selection & distribution
  • Investment valuation
  • Marketing communications & media planning
  • Market research: surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Promotions & direct response
  • Budget allocation
  • Public & social services
  • Industry-speciic intelligence applications
  • In-store experience management
  • Retail shelf-space planning

Activate your segmentation with Claritas marketing services

We can quickly deliver your audiences to our vast network of channel and platform partners, so you and your agency can execute your campaign on your own. Or let us do it for you.
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