Podcast Measurement with Sounds Profitable | A Claritas Fireside Chat

When Spotify announced the acquisition of two podcast attribution and analytics companies, marketers started asking a lot of valid questions. That’s when Claritas teamed up with industry influencer, Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable, to break down what the announcement means. Watch the fireside chat now to learn more about the current state of podcast measurement with Sounds Profitable.

In the nearly 30-minute conversation, Bryan talks about what the universe of neutral third party measurement providers looks like after losing two big players. He also addresses the primary advantages and disadvantages of working with a measurement provider. Later, he tackles concerns marketers raised about the consumer data Spotify now has access to and their new competitive advantage. Rounding out the conversation, Bryan does a little reassuring for advertising agencies and publishers. He shares some of their feelings about Spotify’s announcement, but this will push measurement providers to be more innovative. It will also most certainly keep the podcast measurement space open for healthy competition.

After listening to the fireside chat on podcast measurement with Sounds Profitable’s Bryan Barletta, check out our two new blogs: A Case for Independent Measurement and Why 3rd Party Measurement Partners Are Key To Accurate Insights. Connect with Bryan and the Sounds Profitable community, here.

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